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Let's Try Some Hair Styles (:

Hello followers! (:

Today I decided to do some natural looking curls with a curling wand!

The wand that I used is a Remington T Studio Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand in the large size. I got it for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It’s bigger so it doesn’t allow the curls to get to tight which is a must for a more natural look. I have tried some smaller wands and the results are less natural and more perm like. So if you’re wanting tighter curls then go for the smaller size! (:

But anyway! This style was really easy to achieve. It only took my about twenty minutes to curls all of my hair (and I have a lot of hair so…). I first sectioned off my hair from my ears up and curled that section, then I divided the remaining hair in half and curled that, then I parted my hair and curled the rest. 

It’s pretty important that you use a curling wand to get these more natural looking curls. If you used an iron with a clip the curls look flatter.

Never used a curling wand before? Not sure if you want to buy one? Use your iron like a wand and wrap the hair around the barrel (not using the clip at all) for a similar effect! (:

Well I hope you can all try out this hairstyle and that you like it as much as I did! I had already typed all of this out and then Tumblr had some sort of error and deleted my post! And now I have to rush to work so I will proof read later. :p

Have a wonderful day!

- Valerie

Vintage Tumblr Themes